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Canada is the perfect place for a road trip, as its scenery is breathtaking no matter where you are. You can travel to rugged areas for hiking, biking and kayaking, take a relaxing drive through national parks, or enjoy a foodie tour of the best cuisine. A road trip will provide an up-close look at the area you're exploring all on your terms.

We provide the rental car, trip itinerary and a road book with suggested stops of highlights along your tour. You are in the driver's seat and control when and where you stop. With the freedom of a road trip, you can move as fast or slow as you like, lingering at your favorite spots as you sightsee at your own pace.

Road Trips in Canada

If you're ready for a trans-Canada highway road trip, we have great packages. Let us do all the planning so you can focus on the fun. We set the itinerary and leave you to explore the perfect route on the timeline you like. Travel at your leisure as you linger along routes that are hand-picked to provide the best sights, sounds, and stops. Whether it's a maritime adventure through Nova Scotia or driving the famous Pacific Rim Highway, you are sure to find a road trip in Canada that provides memories to last a lifetime.

We have routes available such as:

  • Pacific Rim Highway
  • Vancouver to Tofino, British Columbia
  • Calgary to Lake Louise, Alberta
  • The Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Nova Scotia
  • The Sea to Sky Highway, Squamish to Whistler B.C.
  • A Foodie Tour Through Kelowna, B.C.
  • Edmonton via Jasper or Calgary via Banff

Canadian Road Trip Vacations

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