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Five Reasons to Make Your Next Trip a Rail and Cruise Vacation

Forget flying from place to place, some of the world’s greatest destinations lie ahead when you embark on a rail and cruise vacation with Canada à la Carte. These vacations revive two ever-romantic forms of transportation, cruising and rail travel, to create fascinating journeys to unforgettable locales. Here are five reasons to make your next trip a rail and cruise vacation.

1. Everything is arranged in one tidy package.

One of the best things about booking a rail and cruise vacation is that everything is arranged for you. Each trip is seamlessly coordinated and filled with expertly chosen hotels, enriching excursions, beautiful destinations and all of the tickets and passes you need to get from one locale to the next. Everything is taken care of on the trains and ships, too - all you have to do relax.

2. Sightseeing opportunities are abundant.

Sure, traveling by plane is quick and efficient, but how scenic is the inside of an airport? When you set out on a rail and cruise vacation, you have the opportunity to soak in beautiful scenery nearly every step of the way. As the journey commences, you are thrown right into the midst of the landscape, watching forests change into wide-open expanses, gazing up at dramatic cliffs and seeing sites that are so often left unseen while traveling by road.

3. The stops are diverse and interesting.

One of the best things about putting vacation planning in someone else’s hands is the opportunity to visit places you might not have thought of otherwise. Our rail and cruise tours combine beloved cities with smaller towns and villages, and popular landmarks with locally renowned sites. For example, on the Quebec to Toronto along the St. Lawrence Seaway tour, travelers enjoy visits to historic Quebec City, wonderfully diverse Montreal, quaint Upper Canada Village and Brockville, the City of 1000 Islands. The excursions throughout the tour are incredibly varied, as well, with a city tour of Montreal combining with a day of cultural immersion at the 1000 Islands Heritage Center.

4. Travelers get to experience the journey, not just destinations.

Back in the golden age of travel, there was so much more to a trip than just the final destination; the experience of getting there was just as important. Step back in time and let the romantic idea of leisurely travel come to life once more. One of the best reasons to take a rail and cruise vacation is that these forms of transportation force you to slow down and take in the scenery. As your train weaves through the Canadian landscape, you have time to take pictures and spot wildlife. Your cruise ship moves at a comfortable pace that makes it possible to see the unique features of the coastline, marine life and the cities you pass. Each stop is more than just a layover, but rather, it is an opportunity to sightsee with both planned excursions and independent exploration time.

5. A great sense of comradery is fostered between passengers.

Even if you set out on your journey just knowing your travel partner, you are sure to bond with fellow travelers on your rail and cruise vacation. The crew works to bring passengers together through evening entertainment and fascinating commentary in the train’s lounges. There are a number of excursions on each tour, taking groups of guests off board and to interesting destinations. Many of the tour’s meals are enjoyed together, as well, further the opportunities for conversation and connection.

If you are looking for a new, exciting way to travel this year, consider a cruise tour from Canada à la Carte. Not only do these packages combine the best elements of rail travel and cruising, but they can also be customized to suit your preferred level of luxury. Choose your destination, and let us take care of the rest.

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