Why Canada à la Carte?

Explore Canada the way you want to with a custom independent vacation. A vacation with Canada à la Carte is better. Here's why.
Independent Travel
Independent travel is the most popular way to travel within Canada. A Canada à la Carte vacation offers well-planned itineraries connecting popular destinations. Set your own pace to discover the best of each destination, seeing and doing what you want when you want. Each vacation includes comfortable hotel accommodations and some pre-planned activities. You have the ability to fully-customize your itinerary based on your specific travel interests and budget.
All vacations are fully-customizable
Yes, that’s right – every one of our vacations can be completely changed to match your travel style, or tell us what you're looking for and our vacation planners will create a tailor-made vacation from scratch.
Unmatched attractions and Travel Components
Whether you’re traveling throughout the captivating Canadian Rockies, exploring historic French Canada or traversing the coastal Maritimes, we offer you the very best local experiences in each destination. It begins with stays in hand-picked hotels, each centrally-located and in many cases brimming with history and continues throughout your vacations with signature sightseeing tours and reliable transportation connections.
A Commitment to Excellence in Canadian Travel
Canada à la Carte has a long tenure of developing vacations throughout Canada. We are dedicated to sharing the country’s remarkable destinations with each visitor, showcasing the very best of the country through insightful sightseeing and experiential travel.
Group Travel
We have a specialized team of group travel specialists who will take care of all the planning and logistics for your group’s holiday. Let us do the work and we’ll make you look good!
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